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Day by day we are getting depended on the internet and now you cannot stay away. You should use those devices where you can use the internet for free. Many users prefer to use the internet for business. Students also prefer to use the internet. Because they can learn more things and create many assignments with help internet. Through the internet, you can learn many things and all of the things are updated. You may need to connect with the client 24/7 and this is why you need to use wireless internet connection. It is better if you use wireless internet and choose Wi-Fi network for your office and home.
For making the Wi-Fi connection, you need a router and you can set up the wireless internet at home or office. A router is an electronic device which is mainly used for making a wireless network. You can use the router at your home and office. You should buy a router from a popular brand which is popular for building best networking devices. You should compare all of the devices before buying and you must judge the router review from the online store. Wi-Fi internet is cheap and very popular. You will enjoy the Wi-Fi service.
With the router, you can setup Wi-Fi in your home or office. This is why you should choose a router. In the market of the router, you will get various brands and you need to choose a router which is perfect for your area. You should choose a router from popular brands like TP-Link, Netgear, D-Link and so on. The performance from the above brands is very good and you must buy a model of the router which is really awesome. You can know more about the router from the online store like amazon. It is very easy to buy a router online store than local.
You have to connect the router to a computer for the setup and the connection with the device is called configuration. The model of the D-Link router uses an IP address, username and password for login to the router control. You need to use that IP address for various work. But before internal setup in the device, you should configure the device. You will follow the instruction from the manual of the router. After the configuration of the device, you have to setup the settings. You will know all of the information of the settings in the manual.
In the router box, you will get the router manual what you should follow. You cannot skip any instruction and this is why you should read all of the things. The configuration of the device is a connection of the device with the computer. With the Ethernet cable you, you need to connect the device to the computer. All instructions should be followed properly for the router configuration and internal settings. When the configuration of the router is done properly, then you should think of the router settings and about the settings you will get instruction from the same manual. Now you need to use default IP address, username and password.
Download a browser if your router does not come with any application what will be used for login. If you do not find any such instruction, then you have to use the browser. You have to type the IP address in the browser address bar and click on the go button from the browser. You will get username and password form. Now you will use the default username and password on that form and press the Enter button. If you cannot see the login form of the browser, then you should check the IP address.
Now you have to setup internet on the router and enable Wi-Fi. In maximum home routers, you will get a tool is called Wizard tool. This tool helps you to setup internet. You need not use setup manually and it is little difficult to setup internet in this process. With the wizard tool, it is very easy to setup internet and some settings will be installed fast by the Wizard tool. If you want to setup settings manually, then you have to give more time and it is very difficult.
Wi-Fi security is a very important thing and you need to setup Wi-Fi. You need to use the latest WPA2-PSk security and this is very important and most secured encrypted security. You should use MAC filtering method which is very important. If you enable MAC filtering method, then you can control all of the devices. Make a hard password for the Wi-Fi which is very hard to break. You can use a password generator for building a password. You will get online password generator for free use. You can use such password and use a hard password for your Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi password is made of 8 to 13 digits long.
Do not change the default IP address unnecessarily. Because this default IP address is a very necessary thing and it will be useful for various reasons. But you can change the default IP address when you face IP address confliction problem. You have to setup unique IP address in all of the devices. When multiple devices run in the same network with common IP address. Make sure that all of the devices use unique IP addresses and now you will find the routers and all networking devices running properly. After changing the IP address, you should save it in the router.
You can use the IP address with the ping command to know the status of the router and computer. When you add the ping command with the IP address, then it will be formed as “ping” and “ping -t”. This ping command is a very powerful method to know the connection status of the router and computer. Before using ping command, you should check the connection status of the cable. If you find Ethernet cable loose, then the connection of the router may not work well. You should know the detail of the troubleshooting chapter.
You can fix the router and Wi-Fi problem very quick and this is why you should read the router manually. You can reboot the router for solving the router problem quick. But if you find that the Problem of the router does not solve yet, then you should use the reset button. By the reset button, you can fix many problems quick. You may need to click on the reset button for a certain time and you will find that all of the settings of the router will be removed. You have to setup all settings again for making the device active.